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  1. Haven’t passed by Cool Crest in years. My fiance and I hit a course in Corpus Christi last week. It came up in conversation with a great friend this week, he hadn’t heard anything either, and wondered if it still existed, and or was open. Passed by yesterday evening, and saw people there, and did the google today. Getting married next Saturday, and can hardly wait to bring my blushing bride to Cool Crest! It’s been 30 or 40 years since my brother and I went there.

    • Wow, Jimmy, congratulations on your upcoming wedding! We’re glad you found out about us and we’re looking forward to having you and your new bride come by! Help us get the word out about us by Liking our Facebook page – http://facebook.com/CoolCrestGolf . Thanks and best wishes to you two!

  2. First timer at cool crest. Celebrating a birthday.looking forward to it. Saw tcr thought we’d look into it.

    • Thanks, Lala. That WAS a nice feature on Texas Country Reporter, wasn’t it? We’re looking forward to your visit, and Happy Birthday!

  3. Watching TCR this morning and saw the story on Cool Crest. Didn’t realize it was still there. We will be checking it out soon especially since it appears to be so shady. So glad that San Antonio still has this historical gem.

  4. Funny, I’ve lived here in San Antonio since ’89, yet never heard of this great place until just before the grand reopening in 2013 🙂 I’ve been there three times since and have loved every visit. With the friendly staff, great music, 1950s style architecture and great open view it feels like all of today’s problems just disappear while I am there 🙂

  5. My parents used to take me there as a kid. We held several of my birthday parties there and I always loved playing at Cool Crest. Thank you, Cookie, for letting us play just as you were closing. It meant a lot to me and was the perfect way to end my birthday. We had a blast and can’t wait to play there again. We will see you soon! Thank you, from the Tovar’s, Emilio & Desiree!

    • You’re welcome, Emilio & Desiree, and thanks for coming! We love hearing people share their many fond memories of Cool Crest with us. We think it’s pretty special too! Thanks and come again soon!

  6. We are so happy to be back at Coolcrest. Everyone is so nice,friendly and helpful! The course is so clean and beautiful. We cant wait to go back again!

  7. When did the course reopen??? I’ve been checking and checking for years and never saw anything move forward from a possible resolution of the legal matters surrounding the alley-way or something like that. Never saw anything in the news about it reopening, just that it had been designated an historical site.

    I can hardly believe it that it’s back! My parents brought me to this place back when I was little after my dad retired from the Army out of Ft Sam. We would go there for many years on road trips down to SA and it has always been in my top five favorite places.

  8. I am so glad to see Cool Crest is operating again !

    I’ve been a fan of this place from the mid-1950’s until it’s closing after Mrs. Metzger’s illness. My grandfather used to take us here every time we visited San Antonio. After the match we’d stop next door for a milkshake, the old fashioned kind – mighty good.
    Four decades later I started taking my kids to Cool Crest. The last time we played a round some years ago, the old-time Soda machine was still working (still cost a dime, cup dropped down, then ice, then soda – awesome !). We had the pleasure of visiting with Mrs. Metzger for nearly an hour, not long after her husband’s passing. It’s a sad, bittersweet memory but I’ll always remember those two fine folks.
    This Spring I’ll have the pleasure of taking my kids AND my grandkids to Cool Crest, just as my Grandpa Smith took me. That will make FIVE generations of my family that have played at Cool Crest. I’m pretty excited about that, and I know he’d be happy about it as well. I’ll have to figure out the milkshake deal on the fly, as I’m pretty certain that old soda shop is long gone. 🙂
    Thanks to the Andry family for restoring CC to its former glory. Doing so allows me and many others to carry on a very meaningful family tradition. I look forward to meeting y’all.
    P.S. I’ll sponsor a banana tree when I get there. I can’t get the website to do it.

    • Larry, thanks for your comments. We look forward to having you and your family back to carry on the Berg family tradition!

  9. I was being nostalgic and searching the internet for information about one of my favorite places in San Antonio growing up. I remember riding my bike to Cool Crest in 1958. Back then, they had a big scoreboard and on the last hole, it would show you what you had won – sometimes a soft drink and sometimes another round. One time on a hot summer day, I stood in one of the flowing waterways to get leverage for a shot and my flip-flop came off and floated down to the next hole. Cool Crest did not rely on gimmicks like clowns and castles, etc, but did have some of the most beautiful landscaping around. As I remember, the course was very true, and when you hit a shot where you were supposed to, it went in the hole.

    I remember being home on leave from the Navy and playing a round with a friend and Harold Metzger. What a great time. He enlightened me about the history of the course. He was such great guy and so was Maria. I always enjoyed coming back and having a nice chat with him, and later her after his passing.

    I can’t wait to come back and play. I hope you have the landscaping up to “par” and have some really exotic, beaurtiful and fragrant flowers and vines.

    Bob Mahan
    Cypress, Texas

  10. Thank you for opening Dec. 21. After rain that morning, family topped off an early family Christmas with a celebratory round at Cool Crest. And thanks for taking the photo!

  11. My wife and I went with friends to Cool Crest Golf Miniature tonight for the very first time. We’ve discovered a true jewel and will definitely be back. It is the “Coolest and Most Beautifiul Spot in San Antonio” !!!

  12. Simply cannot wait to go!!! I remember being saddened how, inexplicably, the gates had closed on this local landmark back in 2007. I was beyond thrilled to hear that Cool Crest was being restored to its former glory, right down to its lush landscape. Cool Crest was my favorite place for mini-golf hands-down. I loved the retro-feel to it, (I even remembered Big Band music playing there from time to time), and I really appreciated how the courses relied on the challenge of sheer geometry, not gimmicks like windmills, and such.

    A big thank you to the Andry brothers for taking on this labor of love for the community. Cheers!! Can’t wait to get out there….

  13. The kids had such a great time last night and they are begging to go again already! Do you have any plans for family memberships or season passes?

    • Hi Amy! Thanks for asking – yes, family memberships and/or season passes are being considered, so as soon as they’re available, we’ll post that information right here on the website. It’s so nice to see families like yours coming out and enjoying Cool Crest again. Thanks for visiting – and stay tuned for further developments!

  14. I was so happy to hear about your grand opening. Sometimes we’d all go as a family but there were special times when just me and my Mom would sneak off by ourselves. I plan on taking her as a surprise very soon. I can’t wait!

  15. I can’t begin to tell you how many summer evenings I spent at Cool Crest while I was growing up, and how happy I am to see it’s restoration. There are so many good memories of the times I played mini golf there. I think one of the best was the night I tried and tried to get the ball up and around hole #11 on course 2. After about 5 tries, with it rolling back to me each time, I finally just whacked the bejeebers out of it…..and made a hole-in-one……….TWO HOLES OVER! ;-D I’m really looking forward to coming and playing a round, or two! I’m thinking I might just even have my birthday celebration there. Congratulations on your venture, and I hope that it’s very successful!

  16. How wonderful to have COOL CREST back in time for the Summer. Nothing digital, just fun that everyone can enjoy. I look forward to many visits. Great meeting Jim and the crew Saturday night of the first week back in business. Good Luck and see you soon,

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