Adopt Your Banana Plant!

Adopt A Banana Plant Campaign


Adopt YOUR Cool Crest banana plant for the year!  Help preserve one of San Antonio’s most revered historic sites – Cool Crest Miniature Golf!  Your donation will help maintain Cool Crest’s lush collection of tropical banana plants, the beautiful canopies of elegant foliage that immediately comes to mind when people think of Cool Crest Golf.

Simply check out using the shopping cart to the right, and you’ll be emailed a receipt once your donation has been completed.  Please present the receipt to the cashier during your next visit to Cool Crest.  You’ll receive passes for 2 complimentary rounds of golf – and the satisfaction of knowing you helped contribute to keeping one of the city’s most cherished recreational sites just how it’s been since 1930.

Adopt your banana plant, and thanks again for supporting Cool Crest Miniature Golf!