New Course – circa 1957

  • A firm, straight putt down the middle on this simple opening hole could very well start your round with an ace.
  • Stay down the middle on hole #2 and you'll end up on the lower green putting for a birdie. Pushing it to the right or pulling it to the left will cause you some trouble.
  • Get it up and just over the lip on hole #3 and you can make a quick hole-in-one.
  • Hole #4 is played over water, so strike your ball firmly down the middle to launch it onto the green where an ace is possible.
  • Tee it up on the left side of the tee box on #5 to have a better shot through the sloping gap and at the pin.
  • If you time it right and hit it firmly straight down the middle, you have a real chance of holing it out with one shot on #6.
  • On hole #7 stay right and up on top, and you should score either an ace or a birdie.
  • A firm stroke straight down the middle at the 45-degree wall might just give you a chance at another hole-in-one on #8.
  • Play your shot on #9 down the left side and about halfway up the slope in back to roll it into the cup for a possible ace.
  • On multi-level hole #10, sink it in the middle hole and you'll be in great shape on the bottom island putting green. If you don't...
  • you'll find youself scrambling to get off the mid-level green and down to the pin.
  • Hole #11 takes a firm stroke down the left side to get the ball up and around the horseshoe-shaped loop. Over-hit it and you're in the bunker.
  • Another straight, firm putt down the middle on hole #12 will give you another opportunity to card an ace.
  • Straight putters also do well on uphill hole #13, where a relatively easy chance for a hole-in-one awaits.
  • Watching out for the tree on the right side of the tee box, glance your shot off the right side of the round middle bunker to score well on hole #14.
  • On hole #15, a straight firm shot right down the middle of the fairway should give you a great birdie opportunity.
  • Hit the middle 45-degree bunker dead center on hole #16 and you might just hole it out with one stroke.
  • If you play this acute-angled hole #17 properly, you'll get close enough for either an ace or a two-putt.
  • One of the great finishing holes in miniature golf, #18 requires you to hit it just firmly enough to stay up on the top level where the hole is. Hit it too hard and now you've got a real challenge on your hands. Enjoy!

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