Old Course – circa 1929

  • With a straight putt down the middle, and medium speed, you can ace this opening hole.
  • A firm putt down the left side of the fairway can put you up on the dance floor for either an ace or birdie opportunity.
  • Avoid the right and rear bunkers, and you can score a hole-in-one on this 3rd hole.
  • A straight putt down the right side of the fairway - and with just enough lag - can give you a chance for a hole-in-one on this 4th hole.
  • If your first stroke is down the left side of the fairway and through the gap, you can set yourself up for a birdie on this long challenging 5th hole.
  • It has to be perfect, but a medium speed shot, rolling across the middle part of the bunker mound, can ace the 6th hole.
  • A steady, straight stroke between the two fairway bunkers gives you a shot at an ace on the 7th hole.
  • Hit it firmly up the middle to avoid the two bunkers flanking both sides of the fairway, and you might ace this long, uphill 8th hole.
  • On this 9th hole, shoot from the left side of the tee box to lag it up onto the upper level, where you can sink it for a birdie.
  • If you hit it down the middle and successfully avoid the two flanking bunkers on the 10th hole...
  • and then walk down the stairs to the lower fairway...
  • you'll have a slightly downhill shot at a birdie. Otherwise, good luck!
  • A hole-in-one is possible here on the 11th hole if you hit your ball firmly and high enough.
  • Get your ball up on the top level - but don't overhit it - for a chance at a two-putt here on the 12th.
  • With a smooth, easy stroke, hit your ball with the 5-iron over the water and you might just ace this 13th hole.
  • The 14th hole is a long, uphill blind shot that you have to hit hard, or else it will roll right back to you...
  • ...and if you manage to bank it perfectly off the right angle, you might just get away with a birdie on this challenging hole.
  • Tee your ball up on the right side of the 15th tee box, and with a firm, straight stroke it's possible to ace this hole.
  • A straight shot with perfect speed down the left side of the 16th fairway can give you a great chance at another ace.
  • The 17th hole requires that you hit it perfectly - and firmly - down the middle to lag it up correctly for your 2nd approach shot across the bridge.
  • If you want to ace one of the most challenging finishing holes in miniature golf, the 18th requires a firm, straight shot through the gap - and then up and into the ant-hill hole on the green. Good luck!

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